Friday, February 12, 2010

Wow didn't get easier - we just got better!

Saw a post on MMO-Champion that prompted this post. People/Players constantly complain about how the game is watered down and if you think about how the player base has learned to adapt to the increasing complexity of the game; it really hasn't been. When i was raiding in SSC/TK a boss would take a week or two to get the mechanics down and down it - hell when we got FLK and Hydross in the same week - we thought we were on top of the world. Nowadays, it's completely common for an instance to be cleared in two days by top guilds (if the entire instance is released at the same time), and in a week for the more competent. Think back (for those of you who can) to MC and BWL - what addons did you use? I had decursive (yep thats it) - now i have unit frames, dbm, recount, grid, clique, etc. The player base that has grown around this game has picked apart every facet of this game to where if you aren't doing your specific role correctly - there are 1000+ pages about how to do it. How much more complicated was say Sarth (even with 0 drakes up) compared to the first boss in Molten Core. Instead of people complaining about how the game is going down hill - let's see them go into every boss blind and learn to play their class not from EJ, but from their own personal theorycrafting.

For those interested - i think the guy hit the nail right on the head...
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  1. That debate has been going around for awhile now, but it's always a good one!

    We definitely have gotten better at the game. Like you mentionned, addons have become very sophisticated, I mean, DBM basically walks you through every fight, and information on fights and classes is easy to find all over the internet.

    Some things are easier though. The meta-game of hearding 10 or 25 cats is infinitely easier than having to heard 40. Getting your character stats to where they should be in order to be viable for the current highest content no longer requires that you go through all the previous steps.

    The raids are also made so that the bosses get progressively more complicated as the instance goes on. I didn't raid before BC, but my understanding was that every single boss, even the first one of an instance, required some sort of learning process. Now the first few bosses can be brute forced by anyone with good enough gear, giving the impression that the entire instance has simpler fights.

    Anyway, it's interesting discussion and I could ramble on for days ;D