Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hand of Salv - An Introduction

Hola, I'm Attackattack, a Retribution Paladin on the US-Turalyon server. I've played wow since late 2006 - with a couple month breaks here and there. I work as a server, bartender, and general jack of all trades in the food industry. My girlfriend and I live together in north Texas. I've been in numerous guilds over the years - while currently I have made the switch to Strict 10-man raiding.

My hope with this blog is to provide my personal insight into Strict 10 man raiding, raiding as retribution/holy, and my general experiences with the game. Some guildmates of mine also blog regularly, you can see them at Dreambound and Ancestral Knowledge. They are far smarter than I am at this game and are great resources to others interested in 10-man Strict raiding!

Please leave comments if you have topics that you'd be interested in hearing about!


  1. He links it in guild chat, I copy the link, and I crash.

    Win :D