Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Sound of Music.

The Sound of Music! not the 1965 Academy Award winning film. Simply, the sound of music. I love raid videos, during SSC/TK whenever we would down a new boss my rogue buddy (Ishatai) and I would start brainstorming about the soundtrack for our kill video. Ishatai lives in a town alive with indy bands, little hole in the wall bars that people play open mic night (like me!). Safe to say his taste in music strays far from the typical trance filled videos we see from world ranked guilds of past and present. Most the time we would come up with a funny theme song - or group of songs that we felt reflected our fun atmosphere as a guild (Tidewalker Texas Ranger anyone?). I would now like to play for you our favorite kill video from SSC - FLK, it will give you an insight to this facet of sound tracking a kill video.

Now about those mind-numbing trance songs that repeat the same 3 beats for an hour and a half, while an autotuned version of Gene Kelly performs "Singin' in the Rain". I can't stand that stuff, I feel i should shove red hot metal in my ears just to make the pain go away. However, I have discovered that my mind treads a fine line between noise and bliss. My favorite that i have encountered is from SK-Gaming's kill videos for Brutallus and M'uru. The band is called Grendel - a dutch aggrotech (irony?) group; I have downloaded and listened to their entire discography and love it. Have a listen.



Just as in a major motion picture - good kill videos come down to 3 things: Content, Music, and Editing. Without those items they would seem incomplete. I believe the most important thing when it comes to making the kill vid for your guild, is to stay true to who you are as a group. What are your favorite kill videos? What kind of music does your guild use for such things?


  1. My favorite kill vids, at least among those that stand out in my mind, are the ones that feel "epic." I also prefer the ones that turn off SCT and player names ;) they clutter the screen!

    Some of the ones I remember best include Omen's Karathress video (Rebirth from Skillet, love the song) and Lurker Below, which included the underwater theme from Mario :) I tried to find them and link them, but they were filefront-hosted and the links were no longer active :( was one I was in, though, our first Curator kill in Karazhan (back when it was teh hards and we wore blues). Youtube's since stripped the music, but...

    "Is ther druid dancing during the fight? =D "

    Yeeeap. That's me. /bear dance

  2. Probably a personal preference, but kill videos never really interest me unless they're made specifically to show off a strategy. TankSpot's are definitely my favourite for that reason. Alternatively, I like the ones that keep the game (and Vent) sounds pure so I can get a better reference for what's going on. Most other times, if I'm just cross-referencing strategies, I'll just mute them. Notable exceptions are the videos that Damorons makes for Vortex since we both share incredibly similar tastes.

    Otherwise, I definitely prefer the cinematic movies that are filmed without the UI on and combine angles from different attempts over a number of weeks. Those always tend to look pretty cool. My all-time favourite is Curse's old video of BWL:;54440#Download