Saturday, February 13, 2010

The race to hard mode Lich King (and where WoWprogress is wrong)

I'm a competitive person - I can admit it - I have a problem. When i first popped onto the raiding scene, I was groomed in an environment that didn't promote the necessity to push ourselves to the limits. We raided 40 mans two days a week, almost always clearing MC one of those days. So safe to say we were not ranked high on our server. With TBC, i found myself an officer in the leading guild on The Underbog - and to maintain that became everything to me. When i joined up with Temerity (Windrunner) - I began caring about where we ranked on the world stage. I understand the needing to protect someones world rank at all cost - especially when it drives in high quality applicants that is needed to continue to propel world class raiding. Now let me ask you ask a question that will only apply to some. For those that achieved Hand of A'dal - how did it feel when guilds who barely cleared Gruul and Mag were skipping T5 content completely? I put the wipes in to earn my key to T6 content (we were horrid at Vashj) - and didn't enjoy people who hadn't put in the work frolicking in my playground.

Now about Premonition (Sen'jin), they recruited an applicant (who they had previously turned down according to the rumor mill), who had killed Lich King in 25 man regular so they could access heroic modes when they failed to down LK with limited attempts. Now whether they had turned the applicant down before or not is irrelevant: the fact that they are considered a world class guild is just pitiful. instituted a policy in which guilds who faction/server transferred to achieve extra attempts on heroic bosses - are banned from rankings.

"There is now possibility exists to get additional attempts via faction change and Blizzard is a bit slow fixing it.
Just wanted to note that those guilds who will use it to buy advantage in heroic progression will be banned on So don't use the faction change service!" -WoWprogress

I fail to see how recruiting a character to achieve heroic access is any different. What are your thoughts on it?

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